Hi, I’m Alex .Welcome to my Page !
My story is not that extraordinary but I know a lot will most probably relate. I worked for two companies in the Philippines right after finishing my studies. But, with the hard financial situation samahan pa ng pagiging bread winner ko sa pamilya I had to search for better opportunities.

I decided to work abroad.
In 2008, I left the Philippines to work as an electrical technician in one of the biggest business conglomerate in Dubai. At tulad nang maraming Filipino abroad, malaki ang dala kong pangarap sa aking paglipad sa ibang bansa.
Being an OFW is a life-changing experience for me. I met a lot of different nationalities, with different cultures and traditions. Some customs didn’t even exist back in the Philippines. Because of this I had to learn to adapt well.
You have to learn to relate with different nationalities and culture fast if you really want to survive in a foreign land.

A Typical Life of an Overseas Filipino Worker
I started my first job as an OFW working 12 hours a day. Swerte na ako to have one or two day off in a month. Commuting from my accommodation to workplace takes 1 hour so it’s like two hours of travel time every single day.
Dahil nag-sisimula pa lang ako I opted to rent a bed-spacer accommodation. We were 8-10 people in one room. Tanging kurtina lang ang nag-sisilbing privacy ng bawat isa. And what’s even surprising is that the price of my rent during that time is already equivalent to a 2-bedroom apartment in Metro Manila.
That’s why I choose to sacrifice my living condition, para maka-save ako at makapag-padala sa Pinas. This is also what our other kababayans have to endure. No wonder we’re called the modern heroes.

Working in Dubai
The nature of my job back then involved a lot of heavy maintenance work for machineries in a factory. I work in a high temperature environment. And as many of you are aware, Dubai is a very humid country. The temperature in Middle East rises up to 45-50 degree Celsius especially in summer. I had to drink around 5-6 liters of water a day just to keep myself hydrated.
Whenever I work it was like the sun was piercing and roasting my body unto the bones. I even had to lay cables on broad daylight outside the desert soil in the vicinity building where I was working. Not to mention all the heavy labors and the dangers associated with electrical tasks I do.

Looking back I can’t even imagine how I survived. All those experiences became my inspiration and strength to strive harder, believing the better future ahead of me.

Common Misconceptions about OFWs
There are a lot of misconceptions about OFWs. Akala ng iba komportable, madali at glamoroso mag-trabaho abroad. Those who did not experience being an overseas Filipino worker will never understand the hardships we have to withstand just to earn money.
Honestly, being an OFW is no different from working in your own country. If you think we’re earning money 10x more compared to working in Philippines, it’s only because our expenses abroad is 10x more than living in the Philippines. If you earn dollars, you are also spending dollars, of course.

I met a lot of Kababayans who take beautiful pictures for the sake of making their family back home feel proud and happy. Behind those smiles are the different stories and struggles OFWs keep inside. The longings and the desire to go back home instead.
What they don’t tell you about the OFWs life is this:

Kapag nakapag-padala na kami sa pamilya ang natitira sa amin usually ay pambayad ng bahay, allowance sa pagkain, pambili ng toiletries at pamasahe. Because of high cost of living, wala nang natitira at minsan nagkaka-utang ka pa para lang maka-survive hanggang next na sahod na naman ang hihintayin.

Being an OFW and earning big income doesn’t make you rich. It is what you save with what you earn that matters the most. Salary does not guarantee you wealth, you need to have the right mindset and the commitment to educate yourself about money.

What’s the bottom line?
If you remove the money from a millionaire right now, just give a year and his wealth will definitely come back. If you give a poor person a lot of money, they will probably become poor again after a year.
Because the millionaire already have the right financial mindset while the poor have no idea what he’ll do with the excess money.
The Big Change …
I, myself, had endured trials when it comes to money. It was a challenge learning the basics of personal finance. Because of this I suffered in a financial loophole and got buried in debt.

Ang cycle ng buhay OFW ko ay ganito – kumakayod , sumasahod, nagpapadala, kinakapos minsan nakakautang.
I came to the point na napaisip at napatanong ako sa aking sarili, ganito na lang ba talaga ang buhay at kinikita ko? Kelan kaya ako makakaipon? Paano pag natapos ang kontrata ko o pag umuwi na ako ng Pilipinas, paano na?
The pain of being in that situation sucks, and I want to change it.
Despite my hard schedules at work I pushed myself and as able to improve my overall life. Here’s what I did:

I enrolled and studied different short courses
I joined public speaking clubs
I learned how to make money online
I started investing in stocks
I attended seminars and conferences and a lot more

In no time I was able to start a small business in the Philippines. With the help of my family back home …

My Inspiration for the Change …

I have close relatives who are also working abroad as well as family members who are experiencing the same financial problems. These money mistakes affect not only their personal well-being but also their family as well.
I know I cannot help them if I didn’t change my lifestyle. That’s the reason why I never stopped learning. I strived to educate and equip myself first, and be in the best position to help them.
I know, first-hand the challenge of thousands of OFWs around the world. I feel their pain and agony when it comes to financial decisions. Most of them needs help but they don’t know who can help nobody is there to help them.
I realized na kung isang tulad ko na OFW na nagawa ma-transform ang kaniyang buhay pinansyal ay ishi-share ang kaniya story sa iba, any OFW can also make a change.
This blog is my way of giving back what I learned, my experiences and the experiences of other people filled with valuable money lessons anyone can learn from.
I want to provide ideas and solutions through different opportunities available for every OFWs out there.
This blog will be a source of inspiration, wisdom and knowledge to transform the financial aspect of the life of an OFW, so you too, can become financially-free and break the bondage of debt in your own life.
I want to demonstrate that an OFW can also become an entrepreneur and provide value to others through businesses and investments.
My goal is for one day every OFW can go back to Pinas for good, without worrying where and how they will provide for their families back home.
Today I am a 32-year old avionics engineer and online entrepreneur here in Dubai. I am working to what I can say in one of the best company, with a great paying job working only five days a week in a good office environment.
Still I live below my means and stayed with my own family in a simple flat. My priority is to grow my portfolio income, support my parents back home and continue doing my online business for passive income.
I don’t need to borrow money from someone else anymore.
Kumikita na din ako gamit ang Internet na kayang mag-trabaho para sa akin 24 hours kahit tulog ako or kahit abala ako sa trabaho ko.
I know those experiences helped me become the person I am today. I thank God for the wisdom He provided all these years.
If you are an aspiring OFW wanting to break-free from the usual money cycle, then I hope you’ll support my blog. I promise to provide valuable information starting today that will help you become an entrepreneur someday.
Kung naka-relate ka sa kwento ko at gusto mo rin magkaroon ng pagbabago ang buhay mo, tara I’m inviting you to join me! Sabay tayong matuto at abutin ang mga pangarap natin sa buhay.
Salamat Kabayan!